Monday, October 3, 2016


Today the fourth book in Northland author Leonie Mateer's series starring a friendly serial killer who runs a bed and breakfast in the idyllic New Zealand countryside, has been released.

You can check out a book trailer about the series, the 'Audrey Murders' above.

THE MURDER TRAIL by Leonie Mateer
Audrey is a psychopath and a serial killer residing in a small town in rural New Zealand.

Audrey’s three estranged sisters arrive at Tiromoana for their brother’s funeral stirring up a dark family history of murder and deceit.

As Audrey attempts to keep the past from destroying their futures, Detective Constable Higgins suspicions cause her to cover her tracks with deadly and dastardly results.


Mateer was born and raised in New Zealand, but moved to the United States in her 30s to pursue business opportunities. She lived back in New Zealand for several years in the 2000s, running a luxury lodge in Northland, and now splits her time between Northland and the US.

You can read more about Leonie Mateer and her books at her website.

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