Thursday, December 8, 2016


Today award-winning crime writer Alan Carter has revealed the cover and backcover blurb for his upcoming fourth crime novel, MARLBOROUGH MAN. It is Carter's first novel set in New Zealand, where he now lives, and is a standalone. His first three books featured Asian-Australian detective Cato Kwong,

Carter took part in the Murder in the Library event in Nelson earlier this year, alongside fellow Top of the South resident Mike Ponder, and two-time Ngaio Marsh Award finalist Ben Sanders.

The scenic beauty of the Marlborough Sounds, an area Carter now calls home, provides the backdrop for this upcoming thriller, which will be released by Freemantle Press in mid 2017.

Here's the backcover blurb:

"If New Zealand is God's work, it is unfinished. It's still finding its place and its shape in the universe. I know the feeling. 
Sergeant Nick Chester is in hiding after an undercover job gone wrong. If the rivers aren't flooded and the land hasn't slipped, the Marlborough Sounds can be paradise. Unless a ruthless man with a grudge is coming for you, in which case remote beauty has its own kind of danger. 
While Nick waits for his past to catch up with him, he and his colleague Constable Latifa Rapita spend their days patrolling for speeding motorists and trigger-happy hunters. But there's a predator at large, snatching children off the streets and it's not long before the press give him a name - the Pied Piper.  
Marlborough Man is a gripping story about being the hunter and the hunted, and about what happens when evil takes hold of a small town."

I'm really looking forward to reading this. I grew up in the Top of the South, just south of Nelson, and it's great to see a top crime writer setting a story in what is an intriguing area of magnificent natural beauty filled with an eclectic mix of people - from hippies and artisans to seasonal workers and big business moguls. Carter is a really good crime writer, and it's great to see him adding to #yeahnoir.

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