Sunday, March 12, 2017

150 #Yeahnoir Reviews

Back when I started this blog in 2009, one of the many things I wanted to do (other than sharing excess information from author interviews that didn't make it into the features and reviews I was writing for various magazines and newspapers, and sharing news, local events and general thoughts on crime writing) was to provide a space for sharing more information about New Zealand crime writers - many of whom didn't have websites at the time. Overall I think several of my original goals have been ticked off, even if Crime Watch has become a tad unwieldy with so many historic posts.

Today, I've realised that we've hit a bit of a milestone, publishing our 150th review of a book by a New Zealand crime writer. That's a lot of crime novels, good and great, by Kiwi authors. And honestly, there are still many #yeahnoir books we have yet to review. I say we because several other booklovers have contributed reviews to Crime Watch over the years. I'm very grateful.

I created the graphic above to illustrate the 150 #yeahnoir books reviewed thusfar. You can see an alphabetical list, with links to each of the reviews, here - or by clicking on the tab above.

So far we've covered 88 different authors, and a wide variety of books, from murder mysteries published in the 1930s right up until 2017. Lots of different types of crime fiction and settings too.

Thanks to all of the reviewers, and to all of the authors for the good and great reads.


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