Friday, March 31, 2017


Congratulations to David McGill on the launch last night of his latest novel, THE PLOT TO KILL PETER FRASER. McGill is a vastly experienced New Zealand novelist with dozens of books to his bibliography spanning several genres. Among them are several crime/thriller tales. McGill was entered in the 2016 Ngaio Marsh Awards for his earlier book THE DEATH RAY DEBACLE, which like this latest one was a novel inspired by some real life events and figures in New Zealand history.

McGill's latest book was launched at Unity Books in Wellington, one of the very best bookstores in our part of the world (a must-visit if you're in our nation's capital).

Here's the backcover blurb for McGill's new thriller:

Prime Minister Peter Fraser returns to New Zealand in 1945 after playing a major part in shaping the United Nations. In the process he has made powerful enemies, who are aware he has dissolved his country's Security Intelligence Bureau. The Commissioner of Police charges Detective Delaney with tracking down assassins through Wellington's black market underworld before they can strike a prime minister refusing security.

You can read Karen Chisholm's review of THE DEATH RAY DEBACLE here, and an interview I did with McGill back in 2011 here (at which time McGill had written 45 books - more since). 

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