Monday, September 28, 2009

My review of Craig Russell's LENNOX now on EuroCrime

A review I wrote of LENNOX, Scottish crime writer Craig Russell's first novel in his new 1950s Glasgow-set series about a Canadian ex-soldier operating as a private eye and fixer in post-war Scotland, has now been published on EuroCrime.

In LENNOX, the titular private investigator is hired by one of the Glasgow's biggest and most unforgiving crime lords to find out who slaughtered gangster-on-the-rise Tam McGahern and his twin brother. Operating in the gaps between cops and criminals, Lennox's life gets even more complicated when it becomes clear he's being shadowed by even more dangerous men.

I was impressed by LENNOX, and will be reading more in the series.

Russell is an award-winning crime writer, previously famous for his Hamburg-set series of 'Jan Fabel' tales. He plans on continuing to write both series, moving forward. You can read extracts from my interview with Craig Russell for an article in the Weekend Herald (NZ's biggest newspaper) here.
Have you read Craig Russell? What do you think of Jan Fabel and/or Lennox as protagonists? What do you think of my review?Comments welcome.


  1. Thanks for this review; it's thorough and focused and the book itself sounds like a winner. I've always liked authors that are skilled at creating atmosphere; setting can be as important as a character, and it sounds as though Lenox himself is a very interesting sleuth.

  2. margot from australia.Please write more lennox series.Have read lennox only made me want more