Monday, October 12, 2009

My review of CEMETERY LAKE on Reviewing the Evidence

Because I receive so many crime titles to review now (even though I try to be very selective and keep the TBR pile manageable), I've been looking for some more publications (magazines, newspapers, websites) to review crime and thriller fiction for - not only in order to give me more opportunities to publish reviews of the books I am sent, but also in order to find publications allowing me to write some longer, more in-depth reviews of some books.

I have recently become the defacto 'Review Page' editor for a couple of magazines I write regularly for (NZLawyer and WildTomato), although this involves reviewing more than just crime/thriller fiction (or even just fiction).
I have also recently become a reviewer for two more great websites; Reviewing the Evidence, and the Scoop Review of Books. My first reviews for each were published in the last couple of days.

In terms of Reviewing the Evidence, it is a website set up by Barbara Franchi in 2001 to help fill the growing void of mystery review websites. It now boasts thousands of reviews of mysteries and thrillers of all categories, and has more than 30 reviewers from the US, the UK, and Australia. The site is edited by Sharon Wheeler, a UK-based journalist, and by writer and translator Yvonne Klein. I am their first NZ-based reviewer, and I will be looking to contribute regular reviews to their site in the coming weeks and months.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my first review for them was of Paul Cleave's CEMETERY LAKE, recently released in the UK. Although I originally read and reviewed this book last year after it first came out in Australia/New Zealand, it was nice to go back to it, and write a longer review, fleshing out some of my earlier thoughts. You can read the review HERE. I will be contributing reviews of books from all countries (not just NZ crime/thriller fiction) to that site in future.

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