Monday, February 22, 2010


Continuing the fun series started by fellow Anzac book blogger Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, where each week bloggers from around the world write about a notable crime fiction novel or author (first name or surname) starting with a particular letter of the alphabet, this week is the turn of "S".

Clearly this letter is a little easier than the "Q" of recent times, and the upcoming "V" and "X". For my (first) S post, I decided to revisit one of my favourite 'discoveries' or 'new to me' authors of 2009, Michael Koryta. I read Koryta's most recent Lincoln Perry book, THE SILENT HOUR, late last year, really enjoyed it, and reviewed it for a couple of publications, including Good Reading magazine.

You can read an extract of THE SILENT HOUR here.

THE SILENT HOUR was my first experience of Michael Koryta, who has had a lot of acclaim in his young authorial career. I was impressed, and will be reading more of his novels.Have you read Michael Koryta?
Generally I won't reprint my Good Reading reviews on this blog (they are readable via the Good Reading website for online and print subscribers), but as this is an author I haven't addressed very much on this blog, was one of my favourite reads of last year, and my review was printed several months ago (the November issue of Good Reading), I have decided to make an exception in this case

by Michael Koryta
Young wunderkind Michael Koryta won the PI Writers of America Best First Novel and was nominated for an Edgar for his debut Tonight I Said Goodbye, which he wrote when he was only 20. Four books later, he’s moved from rising star to establishing a solid position amongst the upper echelon of crime writers.

In The Silent Hour Koryta’s recurring hero, private detective Lincoln Perry, is asked by convicted killer and former parolee Parker Harrison to investigate the 12-year old disappearance of Alexandria Sanabria, the founder of a unique program for released offenders. A woman whose brother is a suspected underworld kingpin, and whose husband’s skeletal remains, Perry quickly discovers to his dismay, have recently been unearthed. Perry finds himself scratching at the scab of a sordid family mystery, intertwined with past police, private eye and FBI investigations, and following a trail that leads to more deaths.

Koryta weaves an engrossing tale with unexpected twists, but like the very best in the genre, his storytelling is much more than just page-turning plotlines. Perry is an intriguing and complex protagonist, and the supporting cast is fully of variety and distinct, authentic voices. A nice touch for dialogue, some well-evoked settings, and narration that prods you to think about wider issues, all adds up to an enjoyable and highly recommended read.

4½ Stars Allen & Unwin $32.99
Reviewed by Craig Sisterson
Have you read THE SILENT HOUR? Or other Michael Koryta books? What do you think? Do you think other commentators comparisons of him to the likes of Michael Connelly are fair, or overblown? What do you think of my review? Thoughts and comments welcome


  1. Oh, this sounds very good, Craig! Thanks for sharing : ). I admit, I haven't tried Koryta, yet, but I read your review of , and it sounds very good.

  2. Thanks for your support again Craig. Koryta's is a name I keep seeing - must do something about finding one to read

  3. Oh I most certainly have read Michael Koryta...all of Michael Koryta's work, and I think he's amazing. Do I think the comparisons to Connelly are overblown? Not even close. I think when Koryta is at the stage Connelly is, he will have far exceeded Connelly. And given the choice right now of picking up a new Koryta or a new Connelly, I always choose the Koryta.

    I absolutely love the SILENT HOUR and raved about it when I reviewed it. It also made my favorite reads of 2009 list. I also suggest that you check out ENVY THE NIGHT (which made my favorite reads of 2008 list):

    Thanks for the great review!