Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crime Watch scoop: John Connolly to visit New Zealand!

There has been no official announcement yet, as dates are still being confirmed, and specific event details are still to be set up, but I have had it confirmed by official sources that Irish crime writing star John Connolly will be touring New Zealand for three days in late May or early June.

Connolly will be touring downunder (he will also have some events in Australia prior to heading to New Zealand) to promote his latest Charlie Parker novel, THE WHISPERERS, which will be released in the UK on 13 May, and in the USA on 13 July. You can read the prologue to this upcoming book, here.

Following hot on the heels of Lee Child's visit in mid April, this is more fantastic news for Kiwi crime and thriller fans. It's great to see international authors of such stature visit our shores.

Although Connolly's schedule is still being worked out, I understand that he is likely to be appearing in both Auckland and Wellington, and potentially some other New Zealand centres as well. The tour will also time with the paperback release of THE GATES, his first novel for younger readers. Given this, Connolly intends to also visit some schools, and have events for younger people, as well as adult readers, during his tour of New Zealand.

You can read more about John Connolly at his website here.

I will let you know more specific details of his New Zealand events as soon as they are confirmed.

Have you read John Connolly's books? Are you a fan of Charlie Parker? Would you be keen to see him at an author event? For those overseas readers - have you seen him at an event before? Please share your thoughts, comments, and experiences.


  1. John Connolly's books are great and I love the character of Charlie Parker. They're just the right mix of mystery and thriller with a bit of supernatural thrown in. I devour his books when they come out and am really excited about his NZ tour. I just hope he comes to Christchurch!

  2. I've just had word from Hachette Publishers that John Connolly is going to be in Christchurch for an event on 2 June. Contact Yvonne Thynne (yvonnet@HACHETTE.CO.NZ) for more information.