Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American TV viewers get a chance to see inside the mind of bestselling murderess

Further to my 4 April post that looked at the fascinating new documentary Anne Perry: Interiors that has been showing in New Zealand arthouse cinemas as part of the World Cinema Showcase, it now appears that US television viewers will get their chance to get inside the mind of the crime writing murderess, with the documentary showing on US television soon.

There was a great article by Annie Brown in the most recent edition of the Sunday Mail, looking at Perry (formerly Juliet Hulme) and the documentary.

Brown's article is interesting, noting how Perry seems to come across as someone who admits they have done something truly terrible in the past, and has lived a very austere and semi-penitent life since to 'make up for' something they can never undo. But at the same time the language Perry and her small band of close friends use to describe the brutal slaying, and the way in which blame is still shifted to Perry's partner-in-crime Pauline Parker, would suggest to some readers that Perry is still not honestly facing up to what she has done - or is self-rationalising it a lot, at least (though I cannot imagine how you would deal with something like that - and perhaps that would be the only way to stay sane).

You can read Brown's full article here, and I recommend it (it goes into far more detail than the previous information I'd shared). Thoughts and comments welcome.

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