Saturday, May 1, 2010

Canadians launch National Crime Writing Month

National Crime Writing Month kicks off today in Canada. Every year, Crime Writers of Canada hosts great physical events across their vast nation to promote Canadian Crime writers, their books, and to encourage mystery writing in general. Although they have great events throughout the year, May is the official "National Crime Writing Month".

But given the tyrannies of distance for crime fiction authors and fans in such a large country, CWC member and mystery writer Alison Bruce has also this year created a web presence for a complementary virtual month-long celebration, for those that can't get to some of the fantastic physical events that will be on offer in various venues across Canada over the course of the month.

Bruce is a writer, editor, and community volunteer, and she has roped in a dozen of her fellow Canadian crime and mystery authors (inlcuding 2010 Arthur Ellis Award nominees Anthony Bidulka and RJ Harlick) for the first of what I imagine will be several interesting events over the course of May: "An Hour in the Life of Canada's Great Detectives", which is kicking off today.

You can check out some of the happenings here.


  1. Wow! I've got international acclaim.

    Thanks, Alison

  2. Thank you for promoting our Canadian Writers. This is a lovely write-up. We think NewZealand should declare a National Crime Writing Month, too!

  3. Awesome first hour by Cheryl to kick off NCWM - I'm feeling more murderous already!

  4. How great that Canadian authors are getting "out there". All the way to New Zealand.

    Thank you, Craig, for your awesome support!

    I hope you'll drop by the blog, and check out An Hour in the Life of PSI Agent Jasi McLellan, Pyro-Psychic and Criminal Profiler.

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
    bestselling Canadian suspense author

  5. Loving the blog posts so far. Very intriguing