Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good feature on Ben Sanders in today's Sunday Star-Times

It's been quite a weekend for young Ben Sanders of the North Shore, as he and his debut crime novel THE FALLEN have been featured in both of arguably the two biggest and most influential weekend newspapers in New Zealand; the Weekend Herald and the Sunday Star-Times.

Following on from my review in the Weekend Herald, today's Sunday Star-Times has a good interview-based feature on Sanders in its books section, written by Books Editor Mark Broatch. You can read the feature here.

I was in Borders Queen Street a couple of hours ago, and they had quite a nice stack of THE FALLEN on one of the display tables (they're currently running a big fiction special, so it was only $22.95 too, which is a great price), so hopefully people will give the new kid on the block a try.

Unfortunately neither Whitcoulls Queen Street or Whitcoulls Downtown had any stock on display yet, but hopefully they will rectify that in the next day or so.

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