Thursday, September 16, 2010

SURRENDER: new Kiwi crime novel available from today

Today the crime novel that won the inaugural NZSA-Pindar Publishing Prize hits New Zealand bookshelves, which is great news - and for those in the New Zealand Herald 'catchment' area, there's even more good news. As the NZ Herald was a sponsor of the inaugural prize, the newspaper has teamed up with fellow sponsors Whitcoulls and Borders to offer its readers a 50% off coupon for SURRENDER over the next month.

As the book, which was published by the New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA) in association with Pindar Publishing and Astra Print, was already priced at the very, very reasonable RRP of $20 (most new fiction books in New Zealand that are launched are initially priced at NZ$35-40), this means that NZ Herald readers can get their hands on the book for just NZ$10!

So there are no excuses not to go out and buy it!

You can read more about SURRENDER and author Donna Malane, an award-winning screenwriter and first time adult novelist, here. You can read a good article about Malane, her novel, and the inaugural prize, by New Zealand Herald Books Editor Linda Herrick, here.

I read this book over the weekend (my review will appear in an upcoming issue of Canvas magazine in the Weekend Herald - and will then be republished here on Crime Watch). I won't pre-empt my review, other than to say that I did really enjoy the book, and that think that many Kiwi readers should give it a go. In fact, I'm actually going to use the Herald coupons to go and buy a few copies for friends and family over the coming days.

For those in the Herald distribution area, today's coupon is on page B3. So get out there and support Kiwi crime writing! Head out to your nearest Borders or Whitcoulls and buy a copy or two of SURRENDER (and pick up some other great Kiwi crime novels while you're at it).

Do you like the sound of SURRENDER? Does locally-set crime writing intrigue you? Who are your favourite Kiwi crime writers? Thoughts and comments welcome.

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