Thursday, September 30, 2010

Win a copy of NZSA Pindar Publishing Prize winner SURRENDER by Donna Malane (Crime Watch Giveaway)


I've decided it's time to run another Crime Watch giveaway, and in keeping with the Kiwi novel - international novel turnabout that's been happening here for the first four giveaway, now seemed a perfect time to offer you all another chance to win another enjoyable Kiwi crime novel.

As such, I'm giving away a brand new copy of Donna Malane's debut crime novel SURRENDER, which was released in New Zealand this month. I've spoken a bit about Malane and SURRENDER here on Crime Watch in recent weeks, but given the giveaway question, I won't say anymore right now. This Crime Watch giveaway is available to anyone around the world, no matter where you live (I will ship the prize internationally).

You may enter the draw by making a comment on this post, noting your full name and answering the giveaway question. The draw for the brand new copy of SURRENDER will be made at 5pm on Friday 8 October (NZT), so you have a little over a week to enter.


What is one fact or piece of information about Donna Malane or her writing?

HINT: You can read my Weekend Herald review of SURRENDER here, and my report on the Auckland launch of SURRENDER here.

Oh, and if for any reason you are having difficulty placing a comment on this blog, you can instead email me your entry, directly (name and answer to the above question). Please email to

Good luck! I look forward to receiving your entries.


  1. Craig - Thanks for hosting this contest :-). I'm very interested in winning a copy, so please put my entry into the drawing.

    My fact? Donna Malane has worked as a successful screenwriter.

  2. Cool, I was looking around to see if I could buy a copy locally (answer = NOPE) so maybe I can win one by telling people that Donna's book beat out 507 other entries to win this competition.

  3. Hi Craig,

    Fabulastic! Donna Malone wrote and produced the telemovie 'Until Proven Innocent' based on one of New Zealand's most infamous real-life criminal cases. I've seen it and thought it was top quality - a brilliant, well acted drama.

    Joanne Ganley

  4. Craig,

    I was surprised to find that the Pindar was awarded to an unpublished book, Surrender_. I thought awards always went to published works. Will this be typical of the Pindar?

    Fred Runk

  5. It was an award for an unpublished work Fred, like the Debut Dagger etc - but in this case the 'prize' was to get the best unpublished manuscript professionally edited, published and marketed etc.

    Pindar largely does non-fiction, and contract publishes/layouts for others in the past...

  6. Donna Malane said she often wrote passages of her winning entry while tucked up in bed.

  7. Donna Malane has worked as a successful screenwriter.

  8. The total prize package that Donna Malone won was worth $35,000 and she is keen to write a sequel to Surrender.

    Helen Kiker

  9. I'd very much like to win the copy!

    My fact? She's 55 years old. She's in my age group, which makes me want to read her all the more.

  10. It's her first adult novel.

    Would love to win!

    littleone AT shaw DOT ca

  11. Craig,

    For an unpublished author then, the first prize, therefore, would almost be the ultimate prize.

  12. Fact: Donna is a screenwriter.

    As for fiction, I'd love the chance to read her work.

    gkw9000 [at]

  13. She is a screenwriter.

    Judi Maxwell,Portland, Oregon

  14. she's written the Girl's Guide to Rugby, and is very versatile. She writes YA and adult, and has written scripts for documentary, comedy, and drama shows.

    would love to win,
    gingercatranch at gmail dot com

  15. Donna is making a big name in literature and I would love a copy of Surrender. My answer is that there were over 500 entries in the competition for which Donna won her award.

  16. One fact about Donna Malane or her writing: she's a Wellington television scriptwriter and producer.

    Carol-Lynn Rössel
    Winthrop, Maine USA

  17. One fact, well she was born in 1955 (the same year as my second daughter), has been a television scriptwriter and is the author of books for young adults, and younger ones also, I believe.

    I'd love to get her new mystery. Thank you

    Zulema Seligsohn
    Bronx, New York

  18. She has written a young adult novel called Alien Time

    Angela Sicely
    Hamilton, New Zealand

  19. The Author Ms Malane, is 55, and she spent the past year writing the novel.

    Lesley McIntosh
    Oamaru, New Zealand

  20. Donna is a Wellington screenwriter.
    Shirley Nienkark

    boots9k at wowway dot com

  21. Thanks for the introduction!

    Donna Malane is a Wellington-based screenwriter and television producer.

    Carol Fairweather
    Alameda, CA USA

  22. Ms Malane runs Wellington production company Lippy Pictures with writer Paula Boock.

  23. While she usually writes in her office at home, Malane went to bed to create the world of her tough heroine, Diane, for the novel.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  24. Fact: she was born in 1955

    John Valentine

  25. It's a crime fiction debut.

    Owen Thompson
    Auckland 1702

  26. Pierre Malan

    She would take her laptop back to bed and create this little cocoon of a world that was separate from the rest of my world. (when writing)

  27. Name:Leah Holmes
    Fact: It's her first adult novel