Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SURRENDER now available from all bookstores

In great news for independent booksellers and those of you who don't have a Whitcoulls or Borders store nearby, Donna Malane's award-winning debut crime novel SURRENDER is now available through all bookstores in New Zealand, with the exclusive REDGroup deal (which restricted initial distribution to award sponsors Whitcoulls and Borders) now expired.

"We are excited to be able to open up distribution to all stores nationwide," says New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA) President Maggie Tarver. "This is a great opportunity for all bookstores to show their support for New Zealand fiction."

Orders can be placed through the NZSA bookshop on their website,

The book is $20.00 per copy, although orders of five or more will be priced at $10.00 per copy. Price is exclusive of postage and packaging, which will be $5.00 for a single copy. Larger orders will be priced by size.

For more information, please feel free to contact Sarah Gumbley on 021 861 956 or at Alternatively, more information on Surrender can be found at

"Surrender is an impressive debut powered by a vivid and captivating narrative voice"
Craig Sisterson, New Zealand Herald


  1. I thought I'd try buying this one locally, alas it was a fail

    Borders have it on their website but you can't buy it (no clue why)

    The other two online stores here that I tried have never heard of it and the three physical stores I went into (the only 3 chains in town) had never heard of it either.

  2. Unfortunately it does not appear to be listed on (UK) Amazon, in any format. There are quite a few martial arts books and videos/DVDs by a Donna Malane, though - is it the same person? (I also got offered some albums by Donna Summer!)

  3. The book has only been released in New Zealand, at least to start with (that may change over time I guess), as it was published by the New Zealand Society of Authors as part of the NZSA Pindar Publishing Prize, rather than one of the bigger international publishers (eg Penguin, Random House etc). So you'd need to get it from a NZ-based bookseller - which now at least will be more than just Whitcoulls/Borders (although it was fantastic of them to sponsor the award, and they justifiably had an exclusive sales period with the book first).

    Bernadette and Maxine - I suggest you email Sarah at She should be able to help you get the book from here. Alternatively, if you have no luck there, send me an email and I will sort something out for you.