Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Lincoln Lawyer: Michael Connelly speaks to Crime Watch

Well, I don't know about you, but to me this is looking very, very promising. A truly terrific supporting cast (I was just going 'wow' with all those quality names - really good actors rather than vapid stars), and personally I think Matthew McConaughey will do really, really well as Mickey Haller. I know a lot of people associate him with some sappy, crappy rom-coms, but I've always liked his performances in more dramatic films like A Time to Kill, and especially Frailty, so I am really looking forward to seeing his portrayal of Haller.
I spoke to Michael Connelly about the upcoming film in our recent interview for the Weekend Herald. It was a terrific interview overall actually - 90mins of chatting about crime writing and more. Unfortunately of course only about 10-20 % of such an interview can ever make it into the eventual article, because of space constraints.

You can read the Weekend Herald feature article here.

But in terms of the upcoming film, here's what Michael Connelly had to say (direct from the interview transcript):

I understand they’re working on a film of THE LINCOLN LAWYER with Matthew McConaughey in the lead. Can you tell us more?Yeah, we started filming in early July, and it will be done in two weeks. I’m going out this weekend to visit the set for a couple of days. I’ve already been out a couple of times in July, and the script’s really good, I’m very happy with the casting, and also I saw some of the very important scenes… and I’m just so excited. I think that McConaughey, when I wrote these books I never imagined McConaughey, but I think he’s really nailed the character, he is Mickey - and I’m not just this guy who’s trying to promote a movie that’s bad, I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t do that for Blood Work, and if this movie when it’s all put together is bad, I will [stay] away from it. But as of right now I’m riding the wave of excitement because you know it all starts with the script. And the script started out as a so-so script and it kept getting better in rewrites - and I didn’t write it so I’m not tooting my own horn here - but it’s just all come together. It’s got a fabulous cast, at least ten deep, it’s got great people in it.
… [McConaughey's] got that Haller thing [dark edge with smile and humour], and he kind of established himself and then went down that road with romantic comedies, and I think at least with this movie he’s trying to swing things back a little more towards more serious stuff. And I’m very happy he’s playing Mickey.

The film is scheduled to hit US cinemas in March 2011, and when I spoke to Connelly he mentioned that his publishers had recently moved up the release date of his next title to coincide with the movie's release - so great news for readers as well as film fans. The next Connelly book (as of when I spoke to him) has the working title of THE FIFTH WITNESS, and is another Mickey Haller book, with Harry Bosch only making a cameo appearance. It is scheduled for release at the start of April 2011. Here's what Connelly had to say about the upcoming book in our recent interview:

Are you able to tell us anything about the book you’re working on at the moment?The working title is THE FIFTH WITNESS, which is a reference to a witness taking the fifth amendment because they don’t want to answer questions that could incriminate them. It’s a Mickey Haller book, Harry Bosch is not in it - well he’s in it for a page, he makes a cameo appearance - it’s definitely a straight Mickey Haller book. And it involves a defence - in my country because of the sliding economy there’s a national epidemic on foreclosures, and there’s all kinds of fraud involved in that on both sides of the equation, and it’s something that is fascinating to me. It’s the subject matter of the book - Mickey defends a woman who is charged with the murder of a banker who is foreclosing on her home. And through this case and the trial that ensues, I hope to examine what is a pretty epidemic size issue in the United States.

What do you think of the film trailer? Do you think you will go to see it? Have you read THE LINCOLN LAWYER? Do you like Connelly's legal thrillers as well as his Bosch books? What do you think of the sound of his next Haller novel? Thoughts and comments appreciated.


  1. Craig - Oh, I am very much looking forward to this one!!! I am a Connolly fan, and I like the Mickey Haller character quite a lot. I really am hoping this will be a good film.

  2. Looks great. As M.C. says, it's all about the script. And if the script is as good as the book, it should be terrific. The only thing I'll be sorry about is that, for better or worse, the actors will inevitably nudge out my imaginary characters and replace them. Otherwise, I can't wait.

  3. McConaughey is younger than I pictured Haller to be, but I'm still looking forward to this movie.

    Thanks for the update, Craig. Great job as usual!

  4. The book is great, one of my all-time favorite legal thrillers. I could not stop talking about it after I read it.

    I had not read any more books by Connelly when I read "The Lincoln Lawyer," but I did after that. While I've liked many (and know I can always read a Harry Bosch book when I need a good fall-back book), none were as good as that one.

    I am looking forward to the movie. I had not thought of Matthew McConnaughy in the main role. I had thought of Mickey Heller's character in a different way, but I think McConnaughy can do it, as I liked him as the main character in "A Time to Kill."

  5. Would definitely rate Bosch as my favourite character, but Haller is great. Love Connelly, I've read every book, and am now finishing The Reversal which, with Haller and Bosch, has the best of both worlds! I'm really excited about this film, I never saw Blood Work as a lot of reviews said it was different to the story, but this is looking promising!!! Also very excited to find out yet another book is on it's way!!!