Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dunedin author's debut novel launched in UK

Last month I shared how budding Dunedin crime writer Andrew Porteous had won the crime section of the Kinglake competition (one at least four New Zealanders to win unpublished author competitions with crime or suspense novels in 2010), and would soon have his debut novel A POLITICAL AFFAIR published in the UK.

I'm pleased to report that A POLITICAL AFFAIR is now available from Amazon.co.uk for a very reasonable price. Here is the blurb:

"Lachlan Doyle is the product of a Scottish doctor and a Maori mother. Orphaned while still young, Lachlan has one great ambition, to be a detective with the New Zealand CIB. He achieves that ambition and is posted to Dunedin. This is hardly likely to win the young detective notice and national attention. But when a woman is found dead in her own home, apparently having fallen down the stairs and broken her neck, Lachlan decides to dig beneath the surface. Soon he is convinced he has on his hands a case of murder. And no ordinary case, for he is being urged by colleagues and superiors to keep the case under wraps. Lachlan refuses to be deterred. Soon he finds himself in very deep water, with his own life at stake, for the death of one woman leads right to the top, to the office of the Prime Minister himself. This is, in every sense, a political affair."

You can read more about Porteous and his debut novel in articles in the Otago Daily Times here,, and the Wanganui Chronicle here. You can buy A POLITICAL AFFAIR from Amazon.co.uk here.

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