Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Money, Politics, and Power: Nicky Pellegrino interviews Michael Robotham

"It’s difficult to like Australian thriller writer Michael Robotham when he starts talking about how easily he became a bestselling novelist. Actually Robotham’s entire career is covetable. After a stellar stint as a journalist he turned to ghost-writing celebrity autobiographies and for a while life was all about dinner with Meg Ryan, hanging out at Elton John’s place or roller-blading with Geri Halliwell round her West London mansion. And then, in between working with Rolf Harris and Lulu, he knocked out 117 pages of a psychological thriller called The Suspect that publishers went crazy for and there was a fierce bidding war at the London Book Fair."

Read Herald on Sunday Books Editor Nicky Pellegrino's full interview-based feature on Michael Robotham, who recently visited New Zealand (see my author event photo here) at Beattie's Book Blog here.
Scroll down the article for a 'Booklover' interview with Alexander McCall Smith too, where the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency author shares his thoughts on his own reading experiences.

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