Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Crime Watch one of New Zealand's best blogs?

Each year in New Zealand, the NetGuide Web Awards celebrate excellence and innovation on the Web by highlighting the best New Zealand-based websites in a variety of categories, including "Best Blog ".

In the almost two years since I established Crime Watch in August 2009, I hope I have provided some online "excellence and innovation" for readers around the world, in terms of both the information and commentary I have provided on crime fiction - particularly when it comes to sharing more information about New Zealand crime fiction that perhaps hasn't been highlighted much, if at all, elsewhere.

Hopefully I have been continuously improving the site, adding new features and series, redesigning it for easier readibility and navigation, and building something of a databank of information about New Zealand crime fiction (e.g. the growing list of Kiwi crime authors both contemporary and historic, interviews, and links to reviews and articles here and elsewhere).

As such, if any of you feel that you enjoy reading Crime Watch and that it deserves to be in the discussion of best New Zealand-based blog sites, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider voting for my blog in the 2011 NetGuide Awards. You can vote here.

To be honest, it is usually one of the big blogs (one of the major news websites in NZ) or the likes of (a right wing political discussion blog) that wins best blog. Crime Watch may be too 'niche' to compete, but if you feel you get some value from my blog, I would appreciate your consideration.

All you have to do is click here, and type in, if you are so inclined. Please note, you can only vote once. There are also some other great New Zealand book blogs you could vote for instead, like my fellow Ngaio Marsh Award judge Graham Beattie's blog,

I appreciate your consideration.

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