Friday, August 17, 2012

Kiwi eco-thriller MILKSHAKE free on Amazon

Today, New Zealand thriller writer Matt Hammond is offering his eco-thriller MILKSHAKE for free download on and So if you'd like to give a new author a go, now is a great time to charge up the Kindle and grab this thriller, which combines politics, ecology, energy and other issues.

Here's the blurb:
Put that in your car and smoke it!
On the day David Turner is supposed to emigrate to New Zealand, he witnesses a savage murder and becomes caught up in ruthless global conspiracy. 
A thirty year-old technological discovery threatens his own future and jeopardises the lives of millions of others as David discovers that starting a new life is about to become a deadly game of cat and mouse... and, somewhat surprisingly, cows.
Modifying milk so that ethanol can be processed from it could be the solution to an impending global oil crisis, but drinking it will kill you. 
Can the truth be uncovered before an entire country is sacrificed to satisfy the world's demand for bio-fuel? 

I read MILKSHAKE last year, and enjoyed many aspects of it. While there were flaws that you would expect from a self-published e-book (well, actually, many big-name books from big-name authors and publishers suffer from the same flaws), the storyline was quite exciting, and I found myself keeping wanting to turn the page to find out what happens - which I guess is one of the most important things. There were also some intriguing characters, and the book raises some thought-provoking themes. I think many readers would enjoy the book (some positive online reader reviews demonstrate this is the case too). 

You can give MILKSHAKE a go for free, on Amazon here, and here

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