Sunday, September 2, 2012

Neil Cross and the Ngaio Marsh Award

What a terrific day at the The Press Christchurch Writers Festival yesterday, capped by the announcement of the winner of the 2012 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel. Terrific sold-out event, great to see so many people there to celebrate books, ideas, writing, and particularly New Zealand crime writing.

Lots of cool pics - some of which I'll share later. For now, I just thought I'd share one of my favourites - camera-shy Ngaio Marsh Award winner Neil Cross (LUTHER: THE CALLING) with the award.

Cross gave a tremendous acceptance speech - having the audience in stitches for several minutes, with tales of crazy escapades - including a time he thought he was going to come to a Deliverance-style end in rural New Zealand on the way to a writing event, before finishing on a very heartfelt, eyes-glistening note, talking about how much he'd moved around throughout his life, but how since he came to New Zealand ten years ago, he'd really felt he finally had a 'home', and so this Award "means a lot" to him.


  1. Neil's speech was gorgeous. Everyone there could see how much this award meant for him. It was a great evening. Thanks so much Craig, for all the work you do for the Ngaio Marsh Award! We all appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication for New Zealand crime fiction

  2. It was an awesome weekend - am so, so happy for Neil! Love those curtains he's standing in front of...
    Good job, Craig - as always. Without you there'd never be any award.