Sunday, December 9, 2012

A less-violent Reacher for British viewers?

It seems that even a shorter, punier Tom Cruise-style Jack Reacher is a little too violent for the censors and fans in Britain, at least in the eyes of the moviemakers, who reportedly have cut some scenes from the up-coming Cruise-helmed adaptation of Lee Child's bestselling series of books in order to get a less restrictive rating in the UK. As reported in the New Zealand Herald today:
Movie regulators in the UK were set to slap the drama with a 15 classification, meaning viewers aged 14 and under would not be able to see the blockbuster. 
However, distributors were keen to land a lower rating to open the film up to a younger audience and sought advice from regulators - and as a result, they cut several violent scenes out of the final edit.

It will be interesting to see how the film does. I wasn't that inspired to go watch it by the first trailer, but the second one (above) makes it seem a bit more interesting. So maybe I will take a wander to the cinema and see - trying my best to leave behind any prior perceptions and to just give it a fair go and enjoy the film for what it is (if it's enjoyable). After all, film and books are completely different mediums.

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