Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kiwi author featured in British press

Northland author Roy Vaughan, who published his debut thriller THE MERELEIGH RECORD CLUB TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND in 2009, has in the lead-up to Christmas featured in The Bucks Free Press in the United Kingdom (see article right).

Vaughan based the fictional club in his crime novels - the second of which, THE MERELEIGH RECORD CLUB TOUR OF JAPAN, has just been published - on a real-life music-lovers club he was part of in Marlow in the UK in the 1950s before immigrating to New Zealand.

Vaughan, who is a former journalist with the New Zealand Herald (read his recollection of an encounter with Dame Ngaio Marsh here) and now runs a specialist educational travel business, intends for his thriller series to be a trilogy.

You can read more about THE MERELEIGH RECORD CLUB TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND here, and about Vaughan in his 9mm interview with Crime Watch here.

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