Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Clever story-telling with a decent twist"

Acclaimed New Zealand screenwriter and author Donna Malane's much-awaited second Diane Rowe novel, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER is released later this week, and the first review is already out.

The New Zealand Herald's Michele Hewitson, who for many years has published a thriller novel round-up in the Canvas magazine supplement of the Weekend Herald, has included MY BROTHER'S KEEPER in her latest set of five thriller reviews.

"The second of Auckland writer Malane's Diane Rowe novels, this is even better than the first - which was pretty damn good," says Hewitson (read full review and thriller novel round-up here).

I recently read MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, and really enjoyed it too - particularly the character of Diane Rowe, who is wonderfully rounded, flawed, and intriguing. A real human being rather than a 'superwoman' like some female heroines in crime fiction.

I will be publishing a review of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER in due course, but in the meantime let me just say that I'd recommend it as a very good read for crime fiction fans, particularly those who like character-centric books with plenty of plot twists too.

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  1. Craig - I am so looking forward to reading this! Surrender was really quite good and it looks as though this one most definitely doesn't disappoint.