Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeping watch on Kiwi crime writers: interview in Nelson Mail

Recently, I was interviewed by my hometown newspaper, the Nelson Mail, for a section in its community newspapers: "Two Minutes With..."

The section is a series of brief interviews with people from the area about what they do. Previous columns focused on an Oscar-nominated set decorator, a top scooter stunt rider, and New Zealand's most successful female boxer.

I was interviewed not about my job at a legal magazine, or any of the other things I do, but my interest in crime fiction. Reporter Sarah Dunn then had the unenviable task of trying to pull something concise together from a long conversation with me about crime fiction and this blog.

The resulting piece (some snippets of what we chatted about), was published in the Motueka Golden Bay Times, Richmond Leader and Nelson Leader last Thursday (see right). Personally I might have preferred a smaller photo, and more about crime fiction, but hey, that's me. Overall Sarah did a good job pulling together my roll-all-over-the-place thoughts and comments. Although some things always lose their context in cutting down and editing.

It's certainly an interesting perspective being on the other side of the interviewer-interviewee divide, that's for sure. For those interested, you can read a bit about the beginnings of Crime Watch, crime fiction events in New Zealand, how I started reading crime fiction growing up in Richmond (my evasive answer when Sarah asked for my favourite crime writer - just told her the first one instead), and more.

You can read the online version of the article here.


  1. Craig - Very nice interview - thanks for sharing it wish us.

  2. Craig: You are a good interviewee. During the late 1990's I was interviewed several times as I represented hemophiliacs and blood transfused infected wiht HIV and Hep C. I have also done lots of interviews as I write a sports column. It is easier being on the side asking the questions.

    I found it interesting how one opportunity in reviewing crime fiction has led to several other opportunities.