Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harrison Ford, Doctor Who, and the Ngaio Marsh Award

Earlier this year I listened to this great radio interview with 2012 Ngaio Marsh Award winner Neil Cross. I thought I'd shared it with y'all (yep, I'm in the Carolinas at the moment, so my accent is evolving), but technical difficulties meant that seemed to not have happened. Never fear though, in a classic 'better late than never moment', here it is now. It's well worth a listen, as Neil is a fascinating guy, writing for books, television, and movies. As well as his work on Luther, he's been working on a diverse array of other film and TV projects, including the horror flick Mama that was released earlier this year, writing episodes of Doctor Who, a pirate-centred TV series for US television, and much more.

There are some cool anecdotes and stories in this interview. I particularly enjoyed Neil recounting his encounter with Harrison Ford, one of his filmic idols. Have a listen when you get the chance.

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