Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reading Kiwi crime in the British Columbia wilderness

During the past fortnight, I was based in rural British Columbia, helping a lady who has lived 33 years off the grid, building her own cabins in the wilderness, with her newest cabin on her property, which is 250km from the nearest bank, supermarket, or bus stop. With no TV or internet (or running water etc) in my cabin, outside of work/volunteer hours I had plenty of time to read, write, and reflect. Which was great. Amongst the books I read was this Kiwi crime novel I'd brought from back home with me on my travels - Trish McCormack's GLACIER MURDER.


  1. Craig: Glad to have you in Canada! You are now only about 2,000 km from Saskatchewan.

  2. Where were you in BC? I used to live there, and miss it very much. I lived in the interior (Vernon) as well as on the coast, so very different climates and geography. I hope you enjoyed it, and like our part of the world. Now I'm off to see if Glacier Murder is available here.