Thursday, February 5, 2015

Connelly and Welliver talk "Bosch" at LA premiere

Tonight, the highly anticipated Amazon Prime series, Bosch, will premiere in London, after the LA premiere yesterday. Both Michael Connelly and lead actor Titus Welliver, who plays Connelly's beloved-by-readers but not-by-superiors detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch, will be in attendance at the London event.

I'm very excited to get a chance to talk to Connelly later today, and then attend the premiere. Back in 2011 I interviewed Connelly onstage at a special Auckland Writers Festival event, the New Zealand premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer, the film adaptation of Connelly's award-winning novel, with Matthew McConaughey playing the lead role of Mickey Haller. At the time Connelly and I talked about any possibilities for a Bosch screen adaptation - many efforts had been made over more than a decade, with several scripts written, but at that time it was stuck in 'development hell'. It's terrific to see a television series coming to fruition - and from what I've seen of the series so far (officially premiering on Amazon Prime on 13 February), it is terrific.

Cinematic and very stylish in 'look', dark and gritty, interweaving three Michael Connelly books (THE CONCRETE BLONDE, CITY OF BONES, and ECHO PARK), I have been very impressed by what I've seen so far. As a longtime Harry Bosch and Michael Connelly fan, I was obviously curious, and perhaps concerned, at how the character might translate to screen, but Connelly (who has been heavily involved in this production), lead actor Titus Welliver, and the entire team look like they've struck gold.

You can see Connelly talking to a reporter about the series at yesterday's LA premiere here.

The entire first series of Bosch, all ten episodes, will be available from Amazon Prime in the USA and UK on February 13. After almost twenty years of readers wondering which actor, if any, could manage to portray Harry Bosch onscreen, the great role went to Titus Welliver, who is a familiar face from a lot of excellent shows and movies, including playing IRA gun running gangster Jimmy O'Phelan in Sons of Anarchy. 

You can see Titus talking about playing the role of Harry Bosch, and the tone of the series, in a red-carpet interview at the LA premiere here:

And here you can see actor Jamie Hector, who plays Bosch's partner Jerry Edgar, speaking at the LA premiere below:

More to follow after the London premiere.

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