Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review: ACCUSED by Mark Gimenez

ACCUSED by Mark Gimenez (Sphere, 2010)

Reviewed by Craig Sisterson

Texan lawyer Mark Gimenez has been favourably compared to John Grisham for his series of legal thrillers that combine courtroom drama with outside-the-court intrigue. In ACCUSED, he brings back the hero of his acclaimed debut, THE COLOR OF LAW, big-money corporate lawyer turned criminal defense attorney A. Scott Fenney.

After years of silence, Fenney receives a devastating phone call from his ex-wife Rebecca; she’s been arrested for the brutal murder of her boyfriend, the club golf pro turned PGA star she abandoned Fenney and their daughter for, years ago. Can Fenney defend the woman who betrayed him? Can he find a way to put aside his still conflicted feelings, and try to save his ex-wife from life in prison, or worse?

Gimenez builds a solid if somewhat straightforward story that keeps the reader on edge, wondering what will happen as Feeney tries to prove Rebecca’s innocence - a tough task considering she was found covered in her lover’s blood with only her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Although there wasn't anything particularly lyrical or earth-shattering about ACCUSED, I found myself really enjoying the read. 

Gimenez’s writing shines brightest with his touch for setting a good hook then building tension, along with the creation of a likeable and layered hero and plenty of other intriguing characters. I particularly enjoyed the way that many of those involved upturn the usual courtroom thriller clich├ęs. An exciting and fun read.

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