Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cover reveal: THE RINGMASTER

Today on Anne Cater's blog, the cover for the UK version of the second book in Vanda Symon's excellent series starring irrepressible investigator Sam Shephard was revealed. 

Here's the backcover blurb: 
Death is stalking the southern South Island of New Zealand… 
Marginalised by previous antics, Sam Shephard, is on the bottom rung of detective training in Dunedin, and her boss makes sure she knows it. She gets involved in her first homicide investigation, when a university student is murdered in the Botanic Gardens. Sam soon discovers this is not an isolated incident. There is a chilling prospect of a predator loose in Dunedin, and a very strong possibility that the deaths are linked to a visiting circus… 
Determined to find out who’s running the show, and to prove herself, Sam throws herself into an investigation that can have only one ending…
Congratulations to Vanda Symon and Orenda Books. It's great that readers around the globe will get a chance to read and embrace this superb Kiwi crime series.

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