Thursday, March 5, 2020

"The Edinburgh of the south has never been more deadly," says Ian Rankin

Today in the United Kingdom, Vanda Symon's third Sam Shephard novel, CONTAINMENT, has been released. It's remarkable to see overseas reviewers, readers, and top crime writers all embracing these great tales from the south of the South Island.

Sometimes I feel that some of us Australian and New Zealand booklovers have been banging on about various local authors for ages, and the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up. Slowly. Vanda is a world-class crime writer, the kind who writes a great series with a terrific main character who could be beloved by millions of readers. Her stories would make for a superb television series.

Hopefully more and more readers all over the world will give this terrific series a try, along with other great crime and thriller tales from New Zealand and Australian authors. There's plenty of choice and tonnes of quality, no matter what part of the crime genre you prefer.

Happy World Book Day.

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