Saturday, October 24, 2009

CUT & RUN in Weekend Herald

Following on from my review of Alix Bosco's (a pseudonym) debut crime thriller CUT & RUN in the Nelson Mail this week, and NZLawyer earlier this month, another publication I write for, the Canvas magazine in the Weekend Herald, has also published a review of the book today.

Fortunately for the publicists and author, this review in New Zealand's largest newspaper is not merely a different version of my earlier thoughts on the book, but a review by someone with a fair bit more crime fiction cachet than me - acclaimed Kiwi writer Paul Thomas.

If you are in New Zealand, you can read the review in this weekend's issue of the Weekend Herald. It's on page 38 of the Canvas magazine insert (the lifestyle/features mag in the weekend edition of the newspaper).

Unfortunately, Canvas magazine articles aren't available online. However, in summary Thomas gives a nice review of the book, after talking a little about the tradition of author pseudonymns, and concludes by saying: "this bleak, topical novel is a substantial achievement and a welcome addition to the slim canon of New Zealand crime fiction".

UPDATE: this review has now been put online. You can read Paul Thomas' full review of CUT & RUN here.

All of the reviews I've read so far, along with other people I've talked to who have read the book, have been very positive. Hopefully the Kiwi book-buying public will start to get more behind our local crime fiction, especially when it is of good quality, and comparable (or even better) than many of the overseas crime/thriller titles we buy in droves. It would be great to see the NZ Adult Fiction bestseller lists be equally speckled with crime/thriller writing, as our International Adult Fiction bestseller lists always are every single week.

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  1. amazing read - keep them coming - really enjoyed it

    I read heaps of crime novels and this one is up there with the best