Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WIN A KIWI CRIME NOVEL (Crime Watch Giveaway)


It's been a while since I've run a Crime Watch giveaway, so I thought since today is the start of a new month, now seemed like a good time. Since my first ever competition had a Kiwi crime theme (I gave away books by Paul Cleave, Vanda Symon, and Andrea Jutson), and the second an international theme (tickets to Lee Child), I thought that, turn-about, the third Crime Watch giveaway should go back to a Kiwi crime thriller focus.

As such, I've decided to giveaway a brand new copy of Alix Bosco's debut crime thriller CUT & RUN. I've spoken about this book a fair bit on this blog, but given the giveaway question, I won't say anymore about it right now. This Crime Watch giveaway is available to anyone around the world, no matter where you live (I will ship the prize internationally).

You may enter the draw by making a comment on this post, noting your full name and answering the giveaway question. The draw for the brand new copy of CUT & RUN will be made at 5pm on Monday 7 June (NZT), so you have just under a week to enter.

Giveaway Question:

What is one fact or piece of information about Alix Bosco or CUT & RUN?

Hint: if you use the search function on the sidebar, you will be able to find plenty of Crime Watch posts containing facts about the author and/or the book - you just need to note one in your entry.

Oh, and if for any reason you are having difficulty placing a comment on this blog, you can instead email me your entry, directly (name and answer to one of the above questions). Please email to craigsisterson@hotmail.com

Good luck! I look forward to receiving your entries.


  1. Craig - Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway : ). I don't know if you accept entries from as far away as the U.S., but if you do.....

    Alix Bosco is actually a pseudonym for the author of this story, which features the murder of a rugby star, and legal researcher Anna Markunas' investigation of the murder.

    I'd love to win a copy : ).

  2. Craig - Alix Bosco second book in her series, SLAUGHTER FALLS, featuring legal researcher Anna Markunas will be released in Australia and New Zealand this coming August. Hope I've copied your previous post correctly. Have fun.

  3. "Alix Bosco" writes other genres under her real name.

  4. Thanks for the entries thusfar guys. All good facts about Alix Bosco's crime writing. And yes Margot, the prize is open worldwide.

  5. Alix Bosco's crime novel Cut and Run is published by The Penguin Group (New Zealand)

    Scary Claire

  6. Alix Bosco's novel Cut & Run is published by The Penguin Group (New Zealand)

    Scary Claire

  7. "This bleak, topical novel is a substantial achievement and a welcome addition to the slim canon of New Zealand crime fiction" Paul Thomas, of the NZ Herald stated this. I think he is dissing NZ and doesn't know about your blog.

    Amy gingercatranch at gmail dot com

  8. Alix Bosco is a pseudonym for someone who wants to keep their real life secret...I can now reveal that person is former New Zeland Prime Minister Helen Clarke!

    OK OK OK if you want an actual fact rather than an internet one....Cut & Run got to #5 on the bestseller lists for NZ Adult Fiction last year.

  9. Alix Bosco's crime novel Cut and Run is published by The Penguin Group (New Zealand)

  10. Alix Bosco's crime novel Cut and Run is published by The Penguin Group (New Zealand).

  11. The novel is the first in a planned series set in Auckland and starring legal researcher Anna Markunas.

  12. Alix Bosco has a page on Wikipedia (perhaps created by kiwicrime??)
    Her publisher, Penguin Books also tells us rather tantalisingly that she "is a successful writer in other media."
    She also has a new novel SLAUGHTER FALLS due out in August 2010.

  13. Alix Bosco (a pseudonym) lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

  14. The novel is about the murder of a rugby star

  15. Thanks for the contest. This is the first in a projected series . Involves the murder of a rugby star. jackfro@hotmail.com

  16. 'Robyn Malcolm' is quoted on the cover of Alix Bosco's "Cut and Run". Amazon only lists one of Alix's books. Amazon also thinks "Alix's" name is misspelled.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  17. There’s a sense that some of the high-profile characters, including celebrities and QCs, may be amalgams of real-life New Zealanders.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  18. Alix Bosco is a pseudonym. Does anyone know who she really is, apart from being Helen Clark
    Pauline H

  19. Thanks for all the entries thusfar everyone - some great answers to the giveaway question - yours certainly brightened my day Bernadette, haha...

    The draw will be made in a few hours. At the moment we have the following 'named' entrants:

    - Margot
    - Jose
    - Dorte
    - Scary Claire (BTZ)
    - Amy
    - Bernadette
    - Dali (BTZ?)
    - RC (BTZ?)
    - Kerrie
    - Michael
    - Jackfro
    - Darby
    - Carol
    - Pauline

    Good luck everyone...