Sunday, August 15, 2010

#1 with a bullet: debutant Sanders tops Kiwi list

The hits keep on coming for Kiwi crime fiction, with the most recent NZ Adult Fiction Bestseller list being topped by THE FALLEN by Ben Sanders, a 21-year old debutant Kiwi crime writer! THE FALLEN, which I recently reviewed for the Weekend Herald - see here, jumped straight to the top spot in its first week on the charts, which is fantastic.

That's the second #1 placing for Kiwi crime this year (after Paddy Richardson's HUNTING BLIND likewise topped the charts), and hopefully these sorts of placings and publicity will continue to open up Kiwi readers eyes to the quality of local crime, and start to overcome those horrible reader stats in Mark Broatch's excellent feature article in today's Sunday Star-Times.

Paul Thomas's IHAKA TRILOGY (Old School Tie, Inside Dope & Guerilla Season) also slots in at #8 in its first week on the charts. With Alix Bosco's SLAUGHTER FALLS also out now, and Donna Malane's SURRENDER coming out in September, hopefully Kiwi crime fiction can take a few positions on the charts in the coming weeks.

You can see the latest bestseller list here.

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