Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riding with the Lincoln Lawyer: my large feature article on Michael Connelly in the New Zealand Listener

While I was away in Turkey and Greece, my large feature article based on a recent interview with Michael Connelly, one of the world's most consistently outstanding crime writers and a modern great of the genre, was published in the Arts & Books section of the New Zealand Listener, one of NZ's best magazines. "Riding with the Lincoln Lawyer" is my second large feature for the Listener, following my article on Henning Mankell in April. As of yesterday, you can now read the article in full online.

In the same issue, New Zealand-based thriller writer Neil Cross also wrote a great piece on Connelly's writing ("he’s still the only writer whose novels I buy on the day of publication”).

I particular like Neil's observation that "Connelly’s not a stylist – he’s far too good a writer for that, with too much respect for the reader. But he’s a subtle and fabulously deft craftsman, happy to step back and conceal his guiding hand. This allows his prose to do what only the best prose can do: get out of your way and let you enjoy the book you’re reading by letting you forget you’re reading a book." You can read Neil's article in full here.

Have you read THE FIFTH WITNESS, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, or any of Connelly's other crime novels? What do you think of his writing? Will you be going to one of his upcoming New Zealand, Australian or US events? Comments welcome - on Connelly, my article, or anything else...


  1. The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best legal thrillers I've ever read, going back years, and I've read many of them, given it's a favorite genre of mine. After I read it, I told people for six months to read it.

    I loan out my copy to friends frequently.

    Can't wait to see the movie.

    Am thinking of buying The Fifth Witness if the library copy doesn't come soon.

  2. Have you read THE BRASS VERDICT and THE REVERSAL Kathy?