Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing from experience: My feature on Gregg Hurwitz

Writing from experience
Thriller writer Gregg Hurwitz talks to Craig Sisterson about shifting from Shakespeare to crime and comics.

Changes in his personal life, as he married and started a family, "played a big part" in Gregg Hurwitz's evolution from writing "super cop" thrillers to focusing more on emotion-packed tales of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

"The things that concern me and the vulnerabilities I feel have shifted," says the Los Angeles-based author, screenwriter and graphic novelist. "I've got a lot more interested in real people, with real families."



The above extract is from my feature article published in the 14 May 2011 issue of the Weekend Herald, and is reprinted here with permission.


Have you read any of Gregg Hurwitz's thrillers? Do you like 'domestic suspense' of the kind that Hurwitz and Linwood Barclay write so well? What do you think of my feature article? Comments welcome.

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