Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Mind for Murder: AWRF 2012

Back in the early-mid 2000s, before I was a reviewer or interviewer, I went along to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival (AWRF), New Zealand's biggest books festival, to see a few crime fiction related events. I remember seeing Jeffery Deaver, Paul Thomas, Nigel Latta and Chad Taylor, amongst other authors.

Since I returned to New Zealand in late 2008, however, I'd been disappointed that every year there was little to nothing in the way of crime fiction events on the AWRF programme (no events in three years, other than the Michael Connelly 'outside-the-main-festival' special event last year). As you can imagine, this was a touch frustrating, as I knew I wasn't the only person out there that would love to go along to some events with local and international crime writers, amongst all the other very good events on the AWRF schedule each year. Especially as Auckland-set crime fiction was also on the rise, with the likes of Alix Bosco and Ben Sanders, amongst others.

Well, in 2012, all that has changed.

I'm very pleased to share that there will be five - that's right, five - "crime and intrigue" events at the AWRF this year. The official programme was just released this week, and there is plenty to interest keen readers of all types, including those who like a bit of crime in their book diet.

Bestselling British crime writer Peter James will be winging his way to our shores, along with thriller writer and former MI5 head Stella Rimington, and Australian crime writer Jennifer Rowe. Booker shortlisted thriller writer AD Miller (SNOWDROPS) is also coming, and local exponents of the genre are represented by Paul Thomas. In addition, the likes of Greg McGee and Eoin Colfer, who have written crime fiction in amongst other writngs, are appearing on the programme - though not in sessions focused on crime and intrigue.

I will post more about the various "crime and intrigue" sessions soon, but for now, you can see what's available at the AWRF website here.

A big bouquet to the festival organisers!

I hope to see lots of New Zealand-based crime readers at the various events.

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