Monday, March 26, 2012

Win a copy of TERRORBYTE (global comp)

Upper Hutt-based author Cat Connor is the creator of Ellie Conway, a tough and fiesty FBI Agent who's already been through a lot over the course of three exciting books: KILLERBYTE, TERRORBYTE, and EXACERBYTE. I read and enjoyed the third in the series last year - it was certainly action-packed, as Conway and her crack FBI team ended up in New Zealand, chasing an elusive criminal who has been abducting vulnerable children all over the world. A criminal who almost brought Conway and her team to their knees previously

To mark the release of the fourth Ellie Conway book, FLASHBYTE, Connor is running some competitions to win copies of the earlier books in the series, on her blog. You can now enter the competition to win TERRORBYTE, the second in the series - a book that really raised the stakes for Conway and her team.

You can enter the competition to win a copy of TERRORBYTE, in paperback or ebook (for New Zealand entrants) or ebook (for overseas entrants) at Cat Connor's blog here.

Good luck!

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