Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Richardson on the Radio

Dunedin-based thriller writer Paddy Richardson is starting to get some media attention for her latest novel, HUNTING BLIND (released in Australasia last week), with several radio appearances and reviews this week.

My copy of the book, Richardson’s second thriller after two short story collections and a multi-generational saga novel, finally arrived yesterday, and I am looking forward to reading it (I made a start this morning).

To be honest I thought Richardson’s first thriller, A YEAR TO LEARN A WOMAN (2008), was more “okay” than good/great, but early indications are that she is really starting to hit her thriller-writing straps with HUNTING BLIND. Early reviews have been very good, and from my own perspective, a couple of chapters in, it already seems significantly better than her earlier work, and I am quickly becoming hooked by the intriguing story.

Fellow book blogger Graham “Bookman” Beattie (who has been a judge for some of the most prestigious book awards in New Zealand, as well as a publisher, reviewer, and consultant to the book industry), gave a short review of the book on Jim Mora’s Afternoons show on Radio New Zealand yesterday. During the “Critical Mass” segment, which takes a look at recent books, entertainment, and other matters, Beattie described HUNTING BLIND as perhaps Richardson’s “breakthrough novel”.

“You just have to keep reading it… a real page-turner, terrific stuff,” said Beattie. “I think you’re going to hear more about Paddy Richardson… she has really delivered on her [earlier] promise.” You can listen to Beattie’s full comments here. (fast-forward through to the 6:55mins mark).

Then earlier today, Richardson was interviewed on Toroa Radio by fellow Dunedin-based crime writer Vanda Symon. I understood they discussed HUNTING BLIND, the allure of writing crime fiction, and the perception of crime fiction in the writing world. I was really hoping to hear the live-cast of this interview, because it sounds fascinating, but unfortunately I was stuck in a work meeting. Hopefully it will be placed online as a podcast by Toroa Radio in future, or perhaps Vanda will provide us with extracts from the transcript on her blog.

Then on this coming Sunday, Richardson will be interviewed by Lynn Freeman on the Arts on Sunday programme on Radio New Zealand Freeman is also a very good interviewer, and such Radio New Zealand author interviews are usually archived on its website, so I will post a link to this interview next week.

Have any of you read HUNTING BLIND, or Richardson’s earlier work? Do you have authors who have ‘grown’ on you as their crime writing has evolved? Do such psychological thrillers appeal to you? Do you like listening to the audio links I post on this blog, or do you just prefer text interviews? Thoughts and comments welcome.

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  1. Yes, I've read both Richardson's crime thrillers and they're fantastic. I have to agree her second is better, but I have to also say her first was better than just OK.

    I enjoy psychological thrillers as long as they're not too gruesome, and that authors allow you to imagine the gory bits rather than filling us with too much graphic detail. That is just my opinion of course.

    Keep posting the audio links, it's great. I really apprecite it, as well as your mission to promote kiwi crime, and keeping us informed about the world of crime writing. Thanks so much. Keep up the excellent work.