Monday, June 7, 2010

And the winner is....

Entries closed for the third ever Crime Watch giveaway at 5pm, and I made the random draw a few minutes ago. As I said last Monday, the prize for the lucky winner is a brand new copy of Alix Bosco's debut crime thriller CUT & RUN - shipped to the winner wherever they are around the world.

The publisher's blurb for CUT & RUN, which is intended to be the first in a series featuring legal researcher Anna Markunas, states "When a rugby star, who began life on the city streets, is murdered in the arms of a beautiful celebrity, it seems to be an open and shut case of a drug deal gone wrong. But Anna Markunas, legal researcher for the prime suspect's defence team, begins to uncover a far more sinister truth - a truth that could destroy everything and everyone she cares about most. And could, ultimately, destroy her."

You can read award-winning Kiwi crime writer Paul Thomas's review of CUT & RUN here, and my review of Alix Bosco's debut here.

Crime Watch received a solid number of entries for this third-ever giveaway - enough for me to keep running such competitions now and then, so thank you to everybody who entered. We had entrants from several countries, so it's great to see people interested in giving some Kiwi crime/thriller fiction a go. So, without further ado, the winner of CUT & RUN is....



Congratulations to Dali, who I believe may be one of the entrants from the BTZ forums on Mark Billingham's website. I hope you enjoy the book!

To everyone else, thanks so much for entering. Keep your eyes peeled for more chances to win a copy of some Kiwi crime/thriller titles. But in the meantime, feel free to go out and source some yourselves too. There's an ever-growing variety worth trying (I've just read an advance copy of an upcoming Kiwi crime fiction debut coming out in August, THE FALLEN by Ben Sanders - a 20-year old Aucklander - it's very good. More on this closer to the time).