Friday, September 3, 2010



It's been a while since I've run a Crime Watch giveaway, so I thought since Spring has finally sprung (here in New Zealand) this week, now seemed like a great time. Since my first ever competition had a Kiwi crime theme (I gave away books by Paul Cleave, Vanda Symon, and Andrea Jutson), the second an international theme (tickets to Lee Child), and the third a Kiwi theme (a copy of Alix Bosco's CUT & RUN), I thought that, turn-about, the fourth Crime Watch giveaway could take another turn with an 'international crime' prize.

As such, thanks to the kind folks at Allen & Unwin, I'm giving away a brand new copy of the second book in Craig Russell's 1950s Glasgow-set 'Lennox' series, THE LONG GLASGOW KISS. This book has just been released in New Zealand and Australia this week.

I've spoken about Russell and the first in the series, LENNOX, a bit on this blog, but given the giveaway question, I won't say anymore right now. This Crime Watch giveaway is available to anyone around the world, no matter where you live (I will ship the prize internationally).

You may enter the draw by making a comment on this post, noting your full name and answering the giveaway question. The draw for the brand new copy of THE LONG GLASGOW KISS will be made at 5pm on Monday 13 September (NZT), so you have ten days to enter.

Giveaway Question:

What is one fact or piece of information about Craig Russell or his books?

Hint: you can read my Weekend Herald feature on Russell and the first book in the Lennox series here, and my 9mm interview with Russell here.

Oh, and if for any reason you are having difficulty placing a comment on this blog, you can instead email me your entry, directly (name and answer to the above question). Please email to

Good luck! I look forward to receiving your entries.


  1. Craig,

    Russell sounds like an interesting person, being a police officer in between two stints in advertising.

    The Hamburg series sounds intriguing, especially because of the reference to mythology.

    Fred Runk

  2. Enjoying your blog very much.

    Here's one fact about Craig Russell - he has been shortlisted for the CWA Duncan Lawrie Gold Dagger.

    Thanks, Joanne Ganley

  3. ....and another fact - Craig Russell was awarded the Polizeistern by the Hamburg Police!

    ( and he's unread by me - so far....hopefully this will change, shortly!)

  4. Craig I do hope to read some Russell's books soon. Meanwhile Russell considers from all his books that Lennox was the most fun to write.

  5. Both of Russell's series are set in interesting locales. I am particularly interested in the Scottish setting, and the 50s is always an interesting time.

  6. I haven't read any of the LENNOX series, but here is something I wrote some time ago: The setting of BROTHER GRIMM is very Germanic. I don't think I will ever look at Grimm's fairy tales in quite the same way again. It helps if the reader has a passing knowledge of the best-known of them.

  7. My name is Judi Maxwell and my address is 23 SE 47th Ave, Portland, OR 97215, USA.

    Mr. Russell is a Scot and a former policeman.

  8. Craig Russell's Hamburg series is excellent and worth seeking out.

  9. My full name: Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

    Craig Russell was born in 1956 (and his book sounds ever so tempting!)

  10. here's an interesting fact about Craig Russell and his books: Craig Russell loves Canada which is why LENNOX is half-canadian.

    Christian Paquet

  11. Russell is Scottish and a former policeman, which should make him an excellent crime writer. Looking forward to reading his books.
    Shirley Nienkark

  12. His novels are translated into twenty-three languages worldwide.

    Thank you.

    Stepanka Sabrsula

  13. Craig Russell is a Scotsman writing stories set in Germany. In 2007 Russell was awarded the highly prestigious Polizeistern (Police Star) by the Polizei Hamburg, the only non-German ever to receive this award. He has also won the CWA Dagger in the Library, and been shortlisted for the CWA Duncan Lawrie Gold Dagger.

  14. His highly-successful Fabel books will soon be made into TV movies by Germany’s state broadcaster. Russell was once accused by a newspaper of being a German writer using a British pseudonym.
    Carol Mintz
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  15. Love the Fable books the dark twist on much loved fairy tales is great. Fact about Craig - His Fabel novels were inspired by his long-standing interest in the language, culture and people of Germany

  16. Craig Russell writes noir fiction set in Germany.
    HE has always been drawn to short stories and was fascinated with adventure fiction, i.e., Robert Louis Stevenson.

    I would definitely like to win his book!


  17. Interesting, when writing a Lennox novel he listens to Mel Torme. Please enter me into your contest.

    Heather Pearson
    heatherdpear at hotmail dot come